Meet the Scenic Vows Team!

Between the two of us, we've spent the last 10 years living in and exploring places  like Yosemite, Big Sur, Missoula, Jackson Hole, Portland, New Zealand, Australia, and Thailand. We love spending our time outside biking, climbing, hiking and snowboarding. Some might say we have an addiction to chips and salsa and it’s something we’re working on. We also love cooking and have gotten good at creating recipes that are easy to make in the van. If you see us on the road stop by and say hi! George loves having visitors, and he's a bit of a magnet for the furry four-legged kind. 

Main Photographer of Scenic Vows

Brian Holstein

I am a traveler. A thrill seeker. A photographer.

After graduating from the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in the inspiring town of Missoula, Montana, I decided my best direction was to head somewhere warm and spend a few months converting a Sprinter van to live and work in so I could do what I do best—seek adventure. You know what they say " home is where you park it!"

I’ve been on tour since, splitting my time between working in commercial photography—think advertising and studios—and chasing the dream of shooting adventure and outdoor lifestyles.

Fueled by adventure, I've been getting more intimate with the backcountry and the wild places in America. I find myself wanting to share this by capturing like minded people doing what they love with the ones they love. Photographing elopements and adventure weddings makes perfect sense.

When I’m not shooting or editing photos, you can find me fly fishing, climbing peaks in the high country, or cycling touring foreign landscapes.

Assistant and social media manager of Scenic Vows

Becky Haskell

I am a former nomadic English teacher turned nomadic wedding officiant. 

After living abroad for several years teaching English, I finally decided to return back home. While living overseas, I learned that I loved talking to people and hearing about their stories and adventures. 

Since being back in the US of A I've become WFR (Wilderness First Responder) certified and have been using my teacher skills to educate people in the wild while exploring the great outdoors. 

I've also had fun discovering my inner party planner (that's what elopements and weddings are right?) and becoming an all around awesome assistant to my main squeeze, Brian.

When I'm not chatting people up you can find me rock climbing, snowboarding, biking, hiking and, of course, planning my next trip.

Rock Climbing in Yosemite National Park             
Hiking in Queenstown New Zealand
Bike touring through Cuba
Snowboarding at Kirkwood             
Fly fishing in Montana
The famous George, our Sprinter Van home
George soaking in the Montana views             
Afternoon bike ride through Reno, Nevada
Incredible hiking views in New Zealand
Frozen waterfalls in Reno, Nevada             
June Lake sunset views
Hiking the Narrows in Zion, Utah
Brian doing what he does best as an adventure photographer             
Afternoon hikes in Reno, Nevada
Snowboarding at Northstar in California
Incredible panoramic views and perfect place for Scenic Vows